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Arborist Consultation

Want to know what's happening with your trees?

There’s no better way to set up your surroundings for success than a consultation with a Certified Arborist. In Cortez, Dolores, and other communities in Southwest Colorado, trees contribute invaluable structure, serving as a foundation for other landscape elements. A consultation with Legacy Tree Solutions can give you peace of mind about your critical green infrastructure.

As trained, experienced arborists and nursery experts, we can help with decisions about which trees to plant, how to plant them, watering, mulching, soil amendments, and more. Especially if you’re planning new landscaping or if areas of your property need refreshing, Legacy Tree Solutions can help you get off to a good start by planting a foundation of trees.

Arborist Consultatin

Plant Health Care

Want to help keep your trees healthy?

As a Qualified Pesticide Supervisor through the Colorado Department of Agriculture, Legacy Tree Solutions is licensed to diagnose and spray trees for pests, fungal diseases, blights, and more.


We have multiple years of experience in the region and we’re knowledgeable about unique problems that can impact trees here. We are pleased to offer spraying in our portfolio of tree services for Montezuma County and San Juan County Utah.

Plant Health Care

Tree Planting and Replacement

Want to enhance your landscape or replace a tree that has died?

We need more trees! When performing tree removal for Dolores, Cortez, and other Southwest Colorado property owners, we recommend replacement with another tree better suited to the location or a new tree in a different spot. Trees are valuable assets in your landscape and to our community. Wherever possible, our goal is “no net canopy loss.”


Alkaline soils and a challenging climate can present unique problems for trees in our area. Let us assist you in choosing species adapted to Montezuma County and preventing tree removal in the future.

Tree Planting

Pruning and Trimming

Want tree pruning or tree trimming in Montezuma County?

Most landscapes benefit from both pruning and trimming services, and they are not the same. Ideally done when trees are young, pruning shapes them for the future, removing branches that may become diseased or otherwise prevent a tree from flourishing. We follow the Ed Gilman style of pruning, helping trees stay safe, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

We perform tree trimming for Southwest Colorado clients, ensuring their trees maintain shapely growth. If your trees have become scraggly, overgrown, or unbalanced, they may be failing to get the nutrients, light, and moisture they need. Call us at 970-238-6392 for tree trimming services in Cortez, Dolores, Mancos, and other Four Corners locations.


Resilient Landscapes

Want to create a landscape that fits Southwest Colorado?

Water is becoming more precious than ever in our arid climate. That’s why so many people choose landscaping that uses less water and tolerates the erratic weather conditions of the Four Corners. Xeriscape designs and native plants not only make surroundings more resilient, they also require less maintenance. This kind of landscape offers visual interest, welcomes pollinators and wildlife, and fits our region so well.

Let us help you with new landscape design and construction for your Cortez area property, or transform your existing surroundings to reflect the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

Tree Pruning
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