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Roman Jefferson

Owner/Operator of Legacy Tree Solutions

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Roman Jefferson is a Certified Arborist through the International Society of Arboriculture, and a Qualified Pesticide Supervisor through the Colorado Department of Agriculture. He graduated from Northern Arizona University with a bachelor's degree in biology and a minor in chemistry. He is also an experienced pruning foreman, nurseryman, and landscape installation technician.


Roman has been in the arboricultural industry for several years with an additional three years in forestry. He has also undergone a lengthy apprenticeship with David Temple, a board-certified Master Arborist and respected member of the arboricultural community in the Southwest.


Kyle Morrison

Landscape Foreman


Kyle Morrison began working in the green industry right out of high school. A complex life path has taken him through many jobs and places including military service and hiking the Appalachian trail. Kyle brings experience ranging from lawn maintenance to waterfalls to concrete patios. He is a yes man that will commit to and put his full energy into any project you give him.

He has a wife, Hannah, and dog child named Jasper. They’ve been in the area for 4 years now, first drawn here by the beauty of Mesa Verde and the mountains of Colorado. Get together with Kyle and you’ll see his enthusiasm for creation and his passion for living things. His energy is infectious and his work ethic is undeniable. We are lucky to have him on board. 


George Kelly




Montezuma County has a strong history of professional horticulture. 


David temple


Roman Jefferson

The Legacy

Carrying on the legacy of Professional Horticulture in Montezuma County

Montezuma County has a strong history of Professional Arboriculture. George Kelly, widely considered to be the father of Rocky Mountain horticulture, designed Veterans Park and contributed much to our town of Cortez.


David Temple, a board-certified master arborist, has carried on his spirit and has provided professional expertise to our community for many years.


Roman Jefferson makes the most of the knowledge he gained from working with David, as well as implementing his training and education as an ISA Certified Arborist, Qualified Pesticide Applicator, and experienced nurseryman. Together with his talented team, he is pleased to provide comprehensive tree services for Montezuma County, Colorado, and San Juan County, Utah, continuing the important legacy of planting, pruning, and preserving trees of this area.

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